Jessy Rahman
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29 September - 7 October
Nine Dragon Heads Nomadic Party #2 Georgia see Nomadic Party #2

October 5-15
Artisterium 2012 Tblisi Georgia
ARTISTERIUM is a Tbilisi annual International Contemporary Art Exhibition and Art Events organized by the Georgian based non governmental art organization Artisterium Association. The event is composed of international exhibitions, individual art projects, educational and cultural programs.
Every year the event hosts the artists, artist groups, curators and art critics from the South Caucasus, Turkey, Europe, USA and Asia.
The motto/name of the ARTISTERIUM 5/2012 is "The protest that never ends".

vanaf 5 oktober
"Wij drukken op de Grafische Werkplaats ..."
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Kunstenaars verbonden aan de Grafische werkplaats exposeren affiches in de Haagse Kunstkring.